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Cost & Fee Structures

The costs for management services that we provide to each of the associations vary greatly depending upon the activities of the association. We are very sensitive to the cost restrictions which associations have and are able to provide cost effective services.

In addition, our fee structure is unique in comparison to many of our competitors within the industry in that the only income we receive is from a yearly management fee that is agreed upon by the association. There are no ancillary charges incurred, i.e., no 15% charge added on for postage, paper, travel, etc. Any out-of-pocket costs that are incurred on behalf of the association are passed on with no additional percentage added.

Additionally a budget is prepared and submitted to the client for approval prior to the end of the calendar year. The management fee, which is agreed upon by the client for the following year, is set for that year. Should additional time on our part be required, added meeting dates, travel, etc., only out of pocket expenses would be charged to the client, however, no additional management fee would be incurred. We would ask that the client take the additional time and involvement into consideration with the preparation of the next year's budget.
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-M. Kubinski,
AmTrust Mortgage Banking