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When the association is successful, we are successful...

-A.P. Wherry

Wherry Associates, Inc.

Our Story

Our company was established in 1978 by A.P. Wherry, following the dissolution of a partnership that had begun in 1954. Wherry Associates began by specializing in management services for national manufacturing associations. That focus has been maintained with three clients that we have managed for over 52 years, the Unified Abrasives Manufacturers Association, the Cemented Carbide Producers Association and the Steel Door Institute.

The success of an association is not only dependent on its members but also on the strength of its management. This is where Wherry Associates excels by providing experience, cohesiveness and years of program development.

Wherry Associates' mission is to develop strong associations that allow boards and committee chairs to set policy. Our leadership role is to successfully implement those policies and programs.

When the association is successful, we are successful.

    setting the standard in trade association management for over fifty years